What’s Good for the Goose…

One needs look at their current surroundings to see how the political system that is set up for two different segments of society. One for the citizens and one for those in power.

It is a given that politicians lie. All politicians lie even if once in a while done unintentionally. No one is perfect nor should they expected to be perfect. But the real problem with the lies politicians tell is there is no accountability. Politics is a nasty game and one played by the best in the world. 

But think for a moment if politicians were actually held to the same standards you as a citizen are when it comes to lying. Contempt of Congress is defined in statute, 2 U.S.C.A. § 192 and is punishable by $1000 fine and up to 12 months in jail. Yet, when a member of Congress lies to the people it governs, the only penalty is the reputation hit the leader takes at the polls.

How fair is that? Remember back at the start of the war in Iraq where the Bush administration claimed it was imperative for the USA to act quickly because of the intelligence reports of weapons of mass destruction?

Just how many American military and Iraqi lives were lost because of this false war based on the premise that Saddam Hussein was moments away from dropping bombs on his own people and all over the world?

According to Antiwar.com, Over a 100,000 American soldiers were either wounded or killed since the inception of the Iraq war in 2003. Nearly 1.5 million Iraqis were killed. All of these deaths were unneeded and even more appalling when you consider we invaded their country under false pretenses.

So in the video above, Colin Powell admits he regrets giving the speech to the United Nations. Notice he states he regrets it now because the information was proven to be wrong. So in other words all of these deaths were done on incorrect intelligence information.

Now consider you accidentally take of a life of someone else and you stand before the judge and tell the justice that your actions were done based off of inaccurate intelligence information you had received. What do you think would happen to you? Would you be forgiven and have the charges dropped?

Not a fucking chance. You will be convicted and ridiculed in the press. You will either spend life in jail or be put to death. But if you were a politician, you have the built in convenience to pass the blame on someone else and avoid the level of accountability that ordinary citizens who do not have the political prowess or connections are held to.

Even when the government has no viable defense for their actions, they constantly look for blame to place on someone else to lessen the political blow back from the public. Take the case of military whistle-blower  Bradley Manning, who provided Wikileaks with documents and footage that shows the US Military gunning down Iraqi citizens they claimed were rebels. Instead, it was a civilian with a camera strapped over his shoulder.

Shouldn’t citizens be entitled to expect elected leaders to be held to the same level accountability as they would be? It could be argued perhaps they should be held to a higher level since they have the power to pass laws and vote for wars that will risk lives and limbs.

We have all heard the phrase that ignorance of the law is no excuse for a defense. Ron Paul has stated the Federal and State Governments have 40,000 new laws on the book. While that number is disputed by some, how can any reasonable court or politician honestly expect any citizen to know the confines of every single law on the book when even most attorneys and police offers are unaware of the laws on the books? Does that seem like a fair expectation of the citizens when those entrusted to enforce such laws do not even know them? The fact that these laws are changing annually, how can any citizen reasonably be expected to stay up to date with such laws so they don’t run afoul of them?

Then when you consider the amount of money the prison system brings is as a result of the jail sentences being handed out, it is easy to see how such a system was purposely constructed to disenfranchise the ordinary citizen. It could even be argued that the reason jail sentences are given out for non-violent crimes is just so the prison system, despite being state-run or private, is just another revenue generator rather than a sincere attempt at rehabilitating criminals.

What do you think about the system as it is set up now? Do you think politicians and authorities deserve special treatment of being exempt of the same laws you are expected to follow?

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