Whose Fault Is It Really?

As an academic, I understand that before we can truly hope to change the way things are, we first need to identify and learn our history in how we arrived here. What is the true purpose of the two-party system and does it do more harm than good for our country?

While I am obviously biased in my views on the two-party system, I believe the sole purpose behind both parties is to always keep the country divided in some aspect. Look at your friends or family and see how proudly many of them are quick to label themselves a Republican or Democrat. More importantly, just what exactly are the true differences between a Republican or Democrat other than the party name. 

To understand why human beings are willing to label themselves as one party or the other, one needs to look no further than basic human psychology of wanting to belong. Most Republicans are entirely against abortion while their counterparts are for women’s rights. The Republicans claim to be fiscal conservatives while accusing the Democrats of being the party of social handouts. On the flip side, Democrats accuse Republicans of being rich bastard capitalists that care nothing about the less fortunate while thumping their chests about being champions of civil rights.

Allow me to let you in on the real secret about both parties. Lean in close, read multiple times and then read it out loud.

Neither party gives a flying fuck about any you.

Repeat it again and again. It is the absolute truth and one only needs to look back to the first decade of this millennium to see just that. The only time politicians care about you is when they want your support, your donations, and ultimately, your vote. Once they get some or all of the above, you no longer serve a purpose to them until they need one of those things again.

Politicians are no better than con men and used car salesmen. You are nothing more than a simpleton, a mark they need to obtain their dreams of power. Without you, these con men have to find other simpletons to convince that a vote for them on the promise there is something in it for them.

Look back at President Obama’s campaign in 2008 where he ran on hope and change. Obama promised the American people he would be the President of everyone, not just those who voted for him. He promised opportunity and begged the American people for the job to try and rescue our country and the economy and restore our great country.

Just one month before the 2012 election, Obama is having to work harder than anticipated to try and convince the American public he is the better choice than challenger Mitt Romney.

Obama would not have been elected without the 95% black vote back in 2008. Since becoming President, Obama has lost some support of those black voters along with some of the white votes. But it does not prevent Obama from hitting the campaign trail this election season to continually try and divide this country.

But who truly is responsible for the constant manipulation of the public done by politicians and special interest groups? We could only blame politicians if this was something new that has just occurred in recent years but it has not. I used to think the media was just as responsible as it is their sworn duty to serve the public’s best interest which according to recent surveys currently enjoys the lowest confidence ratings ever by the public.

Truth be told, it is and always has been the American people. As a society, we are more worried about being on the winning side than we are about our own best interests. We will constantly vote for the candidate that claims they will lower our taxes or promises to stand on the side of an issue we strongly believe in. Sure, it makes sense to vote for a candidate that claims to be more like us but what we continually fail to realize is that after the ballots are cast and counted and the politician assumes his office, often those issues are never supported or continued.

And what do we do when the candidate we voted for fails to further our cause? We get angry, kick the dirt, and do…not a damn thing. That’s right. We spend the time until the next election cycle vowing to never vote for that candidate again and the next time we will vote for the opposite party with the hope that our actions will show the party who betrayed us just who is boss. So you think that, right?

Both parties are dependent on this continued mentality. There is a reason both parties have gone to great lengths to keep third party candidates out of debates. Under the current format, both parties stand at worst a 50/50 chance in the election process. You allow one or more third parties and the odds go down further. And God forbid that the people have more choice in their political candidates, right? After all, the candidate we select is permitted to wage war for 90 days without the approval of Congress in addition to having the power to sign all of the Executive orders they wish despite the will of the people.

One has to only look back at the choices both parties put forward on the ballots for the last 25 years to see the American are not getting the cream of the crop when it comes to measurable intelligence that we have a right to expect from a President.

Look at 2004 specifically. Are we really to believe that George W. Bush and John Kerry were the absolute two best options for the American people? Not a chance in hell. They were the two best options for their parties and for those special interest groups who continue to pull the strings behind the scenes. But neither were very smart to begin with.

The same could be said for 2008. I mean just how smart can Jon McCain be to actually select Sarah Palin and her chronic foot-in-mouth disease? Now in 2012, we have Obama and Romney. More of the same and things will never change.

The real question is when will the public rise up and demand competent candidates who are there for the people? When will the public demand candidates that actually understand the duties of an elected leader to enforce the laws on the books rather than spend each legislative session writing more and more laws that continue to be more and more invasive on the public’s privacy? Congress’ approval rating was an abysmal 13% before they left in September to return home. Yet nothing will change after November and we are all stuck with the assholes who are elected.

In my next post, I will share some of my ideas of what the people need to demand in order to save our country from the same continuous bullshit we call politics.

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