Why Do Americans Keep Picking the Lesser of Two Evils?

We hear it every election season from citizens who are disgruntled with the current leaders in Washington. Citizens swear they will vote for the lesser of two evils on the premise that picking the one that would do less evil than the other. The problem with that mentality is that either way, you are still picking evil. Evil is evil on any level. Is better to elect a President who will wage only one war that results in loss of innocent lives or one who will wage wars against three countries resulting in additional lives lost?

This mentality has been permeating through the American culture for quite awhile. But because many believe they are picking the candidate that won’t do as much harm tells me that we as a society have become rather complacent, tolerant, and perhaps a bit condoning that a loss of life in senseless wars is just a part of life. 

I have to wonder, if true, how these same citizens would feel if they were one of the individuals or their families that would be considered collateral damage in a war. It is simple to sit here in America while wars are being waged in a foreign land and the mainstream media sanitizes the news at the direction of those in power. One can surely argue that the media of today is nothing like the media back in the late 60’s when the Vietnam war was occurring.

The American culture, in my opinion, has become so desensitized to death and destruction that it no longer outrages the normal citizen. Our appreciation for life regardless of ethnicity or nationality is no longer as strong as it once was. In the 60’s, people gathered to protest the war and senseless killings. While it does occur today, it can be argued that it pales in comparison to the large protests way back when.

Look at the radio. The 60’s included popular war protests songs that brought people together and tried to educate. Today’s society cares more about shit like Snooki, Justin Beiber, or the latest Kardashian news.

Barry McGuire had it right back then. We are on the Eve of Destruction. We have constantly been on the eve of destruction. From Vietnam to the Cold War to Desert Storm to the dual wars in Iraq and Afghanistan  the last 10 years.

The fact that the Republicans did everything in their power to discredit and misrepresent Ron Paul and his positions on issues tells me they were scared they couldn’t bully or buy him off should he become President. The fact that both political parties shut out Libertarian Party Presidential Candidate, Former Governor Gary Johnson, tells me they don’t want the people to have a chance to think for themselves.

Obama and Romney are more alike than they are different. Both want to wage wars, albeit different wars. If Romney gets elected, it is almost certain that he will give Israel the green light to wage war with Iran. Personally, if Israel and Iran want to war with one another, I say have it but both are on their own. Why should the United States be dragged into to spend our tax payer dollars for yet another war and why should we risk American lives?

The fact that Netanyahu has been claiming Iran is very close to a nuclear bomb as far back as 1992. 20 years later, he is making the same claim and did so recently to the United Nations General Assembly. Either Iran is taking their time about it, they are truly incompetent, or Netanyahu has a major hard on to war with Iran. I’ll vote for the latter.

I seem to recall in President Bush’s post 9/11 speech where he called on Americans to come together for the common good of fighting our enemies. He said to the American public, ” you are either with us or against us.”

The way President Bush tried to use the 9/11 tragedy to guilt the American public to blindly sign on and trust our government would fight on our behalf was ridiculous at best. Our nation was still in shock and mourning the lives of those in the World Trade Towers on that fateful day. But to tell the American people they are with you and your agenda or they are against you is despicable. But most of Americans, myself included, allowed ourselves to get sucked in to blind loyalty because we love our country.

The truth is our country and its leaders cannot be trusted. The people are expected to pledge allegiance to our country and any criticism or dissent is considered unpatriotic. Our own government even refers to our own forefathers as being terrorists as defined by today’s standards.

Yet these same leaders have the audacity to stand in front of a microphone and claim to support the United States Constitution. The same Constitution that was written by the same forefathers.

Our own government refuses to be forthcoming with its citizens, sometimes even outright lying. Have our elected leaders forgotten they work for the people of the United States and not the government of the United States? President Obama claims his administration knew  nothing of the attacks on the US Ambassador in Libya despite the Libyan President stating again and again that they had notified the US officials.

So why continue picking the lesser of two evils when Americans have options that are not considered evil- well at least not considered evil by open-minded individuals who do not blindly follow one of the big two political parties?


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