Why We Need to Ban the Two Party System

Back in 2010, I was unemployed for my second straight year after being cut from my job educating our youth. Here in Florida, the two main political parties were jockeying for public support as they decided to cut much of the funding that the K-12 school system received.

The Republicans had control in Tallahassee and their dreams of shoving privatized education on the students was shut down by the previous Governor, Charlie Crist. When Rick Scott was able to brainwash the voters in this state to vote for him, despite running a company involved in the largest Medicare fraud in history, his first order of business was to severely cut over $2 billion from the public education funding. In 2012, Scott increased returned $1 billion to education and claimed he cares about the students.

Now an elected leader doing one thing to harm the public is nothing new nor is a leader reversing their position because their public approval numbers proved to be appalling in every sense of the word. No political leader is exempt from changing the lies words coming out of their mouth based on the composition of their audience.

The greatest right bestowed upon us by our framers of the Constitution, was the right to vote for who we feel would be represent the people. Because many states, Florida included, fail to effectively teach any sort of real Civics at any grade level, the public continues to be dumbed down without realizing that we as a the public merely lend or grant the right to make decisions to our elected leaders. That’s right. We lend it to them. They are not inalienable nor are they concrete and permanent.

Yet how often do we see politicians say whatever they have to say in order to get the public’s vote only to abandon every single campaign promise once they have taken office. Why do you think that is? The truth is once elected, many are there at the very least until the next election cycle. Some states enjoy the ability to actually recall and force another election such was the case of the Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker. While Walker prevailed in the recall attempt, the fact that Wisconsin voters had the chance to right what they perceived as a wrong was important.

Here in Florida, sadly, voters are stuck with the bill of goods they were sold regardless if the winning politician is determined to destroy what hope any community has in the difficult economic times many are facing across the state.

The fact is the system is not set up to serve the people nor does any elected leader want to give any type of power to the people that could derail whatever plans these leaders have. Often times, many elected leaders leave their offices far richer than when they entered and it is not because of the salary they earned.

My goal is to constantly explore and expose why as Americans that we need to rise up and demand a change in the political process, system, and the poor representation we continually receive. Not just at the State and Federal levels but at all levels of government.

But more importantly, we need all Americans to wake up and realize that continued apathy only serves to continue to empower these politicians to do as they wish with impunity. Until we rise up and demand accountability from each and every candidate that does not end when they take office, we will continue to suffer as a nation.

While you may not agree with every word, suggestion, or criticism I share here, I welcome honest debate and the like because after all, we should share the common goal  of building a great country for all who are citizens.

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